Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tron Legacy R3C0NF1GU3D

Following in the steps of Daft Club, a remix disk of the Tron Legacy Soundtrack has arrived and it's just what's needed to tide us over until the next Tron film.

Disk highlights include 'The Grid', remixed by The Crystal Method, Kaskade on Rinzler, and M83 vs Big Black Delta's Fall.

The disk is a whole 20 minutes longer than it's source, really serving the user and giving you a whole lot of new music for your money.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Survival Horror Tactical RPG

Koudelka (PSX) is a grand (3 disc) experiment in combining survival horror and tactical role-playing game elements. Set in a monastery and named after its dark heroin, it’s a success on many fronts, including story and game play. But Resident Evil with turn-based combat takes some of the beast’s teeth.

...oh great!

Exploring Koudelka’s world happens through your standard 3d character running over pre-rendered backgrounds type game. But players don’t need aim or good reflexes in this title, just a keen mind and patience. Combat is handled through a grid-based map with the usual attack, use, move, wait, etc options. Although none of the battle screens have been large enough to flank enemies or take cover, melee attacks can only be done while close to your target, so you can stay out of range at least. Magic and projectile weapons, so far, have unlimited range. This is made up for by their complete lack of effectiveness a lot of times.

Little features like renaming any item can help to simplify game play; make it humorous. Renaming health potions to Drano means they can drink it and get better instead of worse. Making the characters some kind of base-sludge blooded mutants.

Tricky bastards.

Characters have strong, unique personalities that range from blasphemous to orthodox. Within the monastic setting, this creates a lot of interesting and tense dialogue that may appear slow at first, but can really touch you. The voice acting is amazing.

The suspense usually found in survival horror games is lessened by the fact that you are no longer a loner stalked by mysterious predatory nightmares. The party you travel with and tactical elements sometimes make enemies which pop out at you just more fodder to decisively beat. This is like the arguments over RE5 still being called a survival horror game when it’s more of action than survival now. The lack of any item shops yet maintains a little of the survival tension. Items must be used sparingly without guarantee more are nearby.


Koudelka is a well-made experiment in mash up gaming. The setting appropriately macabre; it holds appeal for horror and tactical gaming enthusiasts. I highly recommend checking out this game. It’s probably impossible to find in stores but I’m positive there are copies floating around the net.

Followed up by the Shadow Hearts (PS2).



Battle Video
1st Ten Minutes

Friday, January 30, 2009


More films need to be made like this. DC, this is your way to beat Marvel Studios.